Monday, October 24, 2016

Eating Watermelon Alone!

Mama did not cook any dinner and she didn't even bother to cook anything for Papa yesterday, but Papa felt hungry, so Papa ended up eating the big water melon that he bought at Hero Supermarket alone. I guess she leveraged on the loophole that it is NOT an obligation for a wife to cook for the husband. I guess Papa needs to be bigger than that. But the right remains with Papa to ask her to cook as it falls under the definition of "mentaati suami". But Papa just can't be bothered. He just wanted to be alone and focus on his work (Bumblebee).

The thing is Papa feel alone and has always felt alone. A man who no longer expects anything from his wife, even anything on his birthdays.

Something happened yesterday. Papa tried to remind Mama on how to be smart on time management so that you wouldn't waste time going to the supermarket twice or weekly just to buy things that you have overlooked to buy the week before. You should plan yourself better so that you can make use of your limited 24hour time better. She didn't accept it. She tried to play on other issues. She prefers to remain unenlightened and kept her current ways. She is as stubborn as they come.

Papa already "pasrah".. Let her hanyut in her own way.. There is nothing Papa can do anymore to help or it will backfire on Papa.

My watermelon

This boy is just like Papa.. trying to eat the whole watermelon without fully cutting it.