Sunday, April 24, 2016

Alone in Sudan..

It was a big task ahead of Papa as soon as he landed in Khartoum, Sudan last Tuesday. Nevertheless he felt confident that he would be able to get through whatever is going to come his way. It was also a new experience for him getting an M&A project to Completion. Being acutely aware of this, he took all precautions necessary to make sure things would go smoothly. He and his team arrived two days early to make sure things are ok particularly on the documentations. It was the most stressful next few days and he felt alone. Even Mama was not there for Papa. To cut story short, the transaction was concluded successfully.

He made friends and felt closer to his business counterparts. Now that everything is almost over, he already thinking about leaving for home. He just can't wait to see me and Jarip at home because we know that he loves us so much.