Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ian feeding animal at farm in the city

Went there with Asyraf and Tok Mi.

Ian's Birthday

Celebrated birthday with his cousins..
He prefers Stampy cake i guess. While people busy cutting the cake, he remained fixated on his ipad.

Ian & Zhariff

Ian is happy when Zhariff is around..accompanying him to watch Disney Junior on the telly.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Winning Arguments

The desire and need to improve Papa's way of arguing with people have led Papa to the world of logical fallacies, NLP's sleight of mouth, deductive/inductive reasoning, rhetorics and Cialdini's Persuasion Methods. It took me a while to master and internalize. It requires repeated readings and conscious and constant applications to make it like my second nature.

Book-wise, bought more than 20 on these alone. Not to mention books from Harvard Negotiations project. Majority of which were imported from Amazon UK and U.S. Some were also ordered from Kinokuniya Singapore. It's pretty amazing. At first Papa thought it was all about debating technique, when in actual fact it relates more to verbal manipulations, psychology and logic.

Hope Ian will be learning about this too and be good in his debating team at school. Papa hopes Ian can have more confidence when talking and presenting to people.

In a professional world, Papa has to talk and influence people in Papa's daily work. Inspire..persistent efforts will do it.

Appeal to pity - it's one of many logical fallacies.

Plenty of books to finish reading.. Papa's treasure chest is fixed in size but the number of books being stored are growing rapidly. Not to mention the size of Papa's dropbox.. Hundreds of books in softcopy in many areas on self-improvement that Papa can download anytime to his ipads, iphone or galaxy note3.