Monday, September 2, 2013

Zhariff in Hospital

Zhariff was infected with Bronchitis and now at Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur. It was all too sudden. His chest all suddenly full of phlegm. He has been having on and off fever but certainly there were no signs of him having any chest pains or any sounds coming from his chest during the build up. Mama just flew off to Manchester in the evening and Zhariff had a severe coughing and chest discomfort that same night at around 9pm when Papa was watching JDT played T-Team. Papa was shocked at the condition and sudden spike in temperature. Bibik should have told Papa earlier.

Now Zhariff got detained at the hospital for at least 3 days and treated with Pulmicort, Ventolin, Rocephin/Zinacef. Wow.. that's a lot of medicine.

Zhariff had trouble sleeping due to chest discomfort for the last 2 nights. Hopefully things will get better today. Ian and Tokmi are at home.

Papa, Jarip and Jirap at the back.

Early morning Starbucks coffee for Papa after one long night.

Papa and Zhariff fooling around the next day.

A Happy Boy..