Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Papa demam today.. The journey is still far ahead.. Ya Allah kuatkanlah aku untuk membesarkan anak2ku..

Ian's got his holiday programme today..

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Being Single Parent

It's tough being a single parent. After subuh, slept again but got woken up by Ian.. Straight up from bed and Checked up on Zhariff if he still had a fever.. Thank God, he's already ok.. Checked his bisul on his head.. Pus has come out.. Put fobancourt.. put on shirt and pants went to pasar as food almost run out in the house.. Took ian along.. Bought fish, chicken, onions, some vege, carrots, garlic.. Carried all these and Ian on me.. Before that had breakfast at our usual nasi lemak place .. Because that's the only place that ian likes.. So to persuade him to eat.. That place had to be it.. At home, still feeling sleepy.. But remember about zhariff and his bubur.. Tumis and put all the chicken the boys' soup ready.. Then blend it with rice for zhariff. Thank God both boys liked it although it's Papa's first try..

Then played with Ian.. Of toys bought at Toys R Us Ikano yesterday.. Wooden Mater and torque and the train track..

Then fed ian again with nasi and chicken soup..

Before that ian terberak in his pants, so had to wash his stuff and his soiled pants..

Before sleep, got ian's stuff ready for tomorrow.. His shirt, toys, biscuits and also ikan jenahak.. Marinaded with curry powder so that Papa can cook early tomorrow morning so that ian can bring as his bekal to mak's house..

Ian playing drum

Ian took this from the drawer and put it around his neck. It's just ian and papa now.. Tok Mi no longer with really tests Papa's resolve / semangat berjuang untuk anak-anak..