Saturday, January 14, 2012


no matter what.. papa akan jaga Ian sehingga akhir hayat papa.. tak kisahla sesusah mana & sepenat mana.. Ya Allah kuatkanlah badanku dan kuatkanlah semangatku...

Ian as Little Einstein

How do I look?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ian's Hernia Operation

Ian was a bit unlucky to have an operation at a very young age. When Papa first heard of this from the mouth of Dr. Patrick, Papa just cried..I just couldnt bring myself to see Ian going under the knife. But after meeting Dr. Zuraidah, Papa has become less overwhelmed. Papa had chosen 20/12/11 on Tuesday so that Mama will also be around to look after Ian in case Ian needs anything and with Mama around hopefully Ian will recover much more quickly. The ops went well and Ian was already jumping around on the day of the operation. Papa took off the bandage after 20 days of operation as expected Ian started scratching the area around it. But Papa had put some cream to make it less itchy.. Need to have it exposed so that "ngilu" feeling will be gone quickly.. just like sunat.. Papa loves you Ian..