Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pelaburan Hartanah Tanpa Modal

Sejak dua menjak nie, Papa has been focussing on promoting this ebook called PELABURAN HARTANAH TANPA MODAL. So far so good. From one email blast, Papa manage to secure 1 sale. Although not many, it's a good start. It's really some hard work to get this affiliate thingy started. First you need to have the right target audience. To get this significant number of audience, you have to attract them from various sources, facebook, email list, traffic from search engine etc. Waaaa..

Papa on my own, has several properties. But one is not doing so well. But it's ok as Papa is looking at long term. Property can really be a good source of side / passive income. You should try.

This guy, Saufi Karim has been making loads of money from property. Passive income every month man!! Just imagine, RM10k-15k per month nett.. Siapa mau bagi free-free camtu.. need some efforts and careful investment la.. and property is one of them or HARTANAH in MALAY.



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Business Class in Emirates A380 planes

Had a chance to fly with Emirates to Egypt with a stopover at Dubai. Business class is half commendable.. Why? No icecream, food doesn't taste that great and new movies are not that latest. I was expecting Spiderman and Batman but they were not in the selection.. Seat size is a bit compressed due to unnecessary presence of personal bar.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Today is Papa's birthday.. Tapi rasa macam hari-hari biasa.. No surprised birthday cake.. Feeling nothing special.. Feeling going out on my own doing things that I like... i like books.. I like gadgets.. i like food.. I like bmw's .i like manchester united..i like football...i like battleship games... And all i got was butang baju melayu.. Ohhh!! I guess i should marry someone else.. Papa loves to blow the birthday cake candle with Ian and Zhariff.. ohh!!!


Lagi... Gambar Ummi Nazeera Bertudung..

Comelllll... Shila Amzah dah berhijrah sepenuhnya.. Alhamdulillah.. Ummi Nazeera diharapkan begitu juga.. Semakin ramai artis yang bertudung.. Semoga rezeki mereka bertambah2..

Friday, August 10, 2012

Zhariff was born

Zhariff was born earlier than Papa had hoped.. Papa was in the middle of the biggest deal by Petronas and Papa without a single thought gave all that up including a trip to Canada for Zhariff.. Papa had to changed the flight time and bring it forward.. Papa was worried as Mama will be on her own..

Zhariff was born on 12.06.12.. Yup he's a Gemini..

Papa is happy to see Zhariff able to smile before he's 2 months..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shichida Method Right Brain Training

SHICHIDA METHOD is the brainchild of Professor Makoto Shichida, who has been researching education methods of preschool children since 1951. He is thoroughly convinced of the theory that all babies are born geniuses. Because of this, he is a well known public figure in Japan, having committed the past 40 years to developing techniques to stimulate early development of right-brain education in children beginning in the womb and continuing through adulthood. There are over 300 Shichida Child Academies in Japan. 

The Characteristics of The Shichida Method Brain Training The left and right hemispheres of the brain have different capabilities. The right brain possesses the ability to retain complete image of things seen at a glance in the memory. Also, it is the receptacle for inspiration and the site of expression for image abundant creativity. The right brain controls the abilities to visualize images and the realization of those images physically. Nearly all-successful people, regardless of their field of expertise, demonstrate the right brain ability of distinct image visualization. However, as the left-brain develops, it becomes harder to bring forth the abilities of the right brain. If the child's brain is stuffed with knowledge, it becomes very difficult to exercise and develop the right brain. (Note: This is where Shichida has different opinion from Glenn Doman teaching). The Shichida Method believes in not over-emphasizing on knowledge education, and that the cultivation of the child's ability to learn on his own is of utmost importance. Right brain capabilities that all children possess are: 1. The five senses of the right brain. Corresponding to the 5 senses of the left-brain (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) the right brain also has its 5 senses. However, they are not the senses of sight and hearing in the normal manner, but the ability to see, hear, sense things through waves translated into images. These 5 senses of the right brain are its basic abilities. When these abilities are released, man becomes capable of seeing images as motion pictures. 2. The ability to see images in the form of motion pictures. 3. Photographic memory 4. The ability to do complex mental calculations. 5. The conversion of images to words, numbers, symbols and the reverse. 6. The ability to master foreign languages easily. 7. The ability to receive inspiration and use it towards unique creativity. 8. The ability of photographic speed-reading. 9. The ability to receive information on an intuitive level, and to use that information accordingly. 

Here is one testimonial: "My son started answering math problems in writing at age of 2 and a half years old. He has no problem solving the four rules of arithmetic in 4 to 6 digits. In a matter of a minute, he can solve all these problems" (T.K. mother of a 3 year old, Okayama)


Ian went to his Shichida classes at Wisma Lim Foo Yong religiously when he was1 right until he's 2. After that we decided to send him to a proper school as he just couldn't sit still in the classroom. Despite all these, we continue his brain stimulation exercises at home having bought significant amounts of its materials. The class is quite expensive, RM 1,200 per semester.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ian's Day Out in Cambridge, UK

It was an interesting and wonderful day. We were heading back to Manchester from London after doing the birth cert and Malaysian passport for baby Zhariff in Papa's one of many dream cars, Audi A4, complete with sat nav. On our way back, we dropped by University of Cambridge. It was really a small town, probably smaller than Batu Pahat, but it has its fair share of entertainment like Cinemas and 2/3 shopping centres i.e. the Lion Yard, the Grand Archade and Grafton. The roads are very narrow and most of the time can only fit one way traffic. People here cycle all the time and they have a very big specialised bicycle shop.

We were stopped many times along the King's Parade by students doing part time job offering boat punting services. In fact, it happened more than 10 occassions and to the extent we became really annoyed at the sign of them approaching us.

There are many colleges in Cambridge and one particular famous college is King's College, located along King's Parade. Here also housed their outfitters Ryder & Amies which has been existence for centuries!

It's Cambridge but all Ian wanted to buy was a mini cooper car from one of the souvenir shops.

We went to several other colleges too like Pembroke, Clare, Magdalene and Corpus Christi. I had a couple of friends from Cambridge in the past, one of them being Adlan Benan omar or better known as Ben. Sadly he passed away a few years back. Also Dr. Farid Sani, who is one of TM's directors now. I would probably have gone to Cambridge myself should i have accepted an offer from Sime Darby to go to Kolej Tuanku Jaafar. But i accepted an offer from PETRONAS instead. D'oh. No one to advise me then.. But then again i shouldnt be blaming others.. Haha.. Look to the future now FayZ!

Papa has just been informed about my success in getting IHH shares via mITI .. Hope this can cover the trip expenses and the rest.. Haha..

Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Life in the UK.. Bad Pall Mall Medical

Life was cherished with the arrival of Baby Boo, Zhariff.. Surprisingly Ian took it well and he just loves his little brother and there's not even an ounce of jealousy in him. Papa has been having bad case of flu and sore throat.. It had been very difficult securing an appointment with a register with NHS you need proof of address which should be in the form of utility bills, council tax etc which i dont hve.. Called NHS direct..they called back but feels like talking to a telemarketing robot.. Talking with a script laid out for her.. Cant buy antibiotics over the counter.. Needs doctor prescription.. Need to get them still and dont want to infect baby Zhariff. Resorted to private clinic.. Pall Mall Medical.. The doctor is crap..who spent more time typing notes into his pc than talking to me..
When asked whether his antibiotics are of the generic type.. He didnt know. S saying he's not a pharmacist.. Then again they dont have a pharmacist that distributes medicines.. And he hasnt heard about Avelox.. Such is a low knowledge on medications..

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ya Allah

Sometimes I wonder if my decision to leave my wife all alone in the UK is the right thing to do. With all the politics, no trust in the office.. Make me want to just go..ian just celebrated his birthday.. It wasn't the best planned or best celebration ever. But hope Ian is was happy. Ian celerated the occassion with hia friends in Insightkids..

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ian with Racing Cars Game

Ian now has become so good at his Need For Speed game that he managed to score some incredible points.. Recently he had secured a silver medal in a time test race.. Mind you even Papa struggles to get to his level..he can corner the car according the curves well.. And he's not even 3 years old yet..

See below Ian's happy faces as he shouts I did it! I did it! After doing something successfully..