Monday, December 26, 2011

Ian at National Planetarium

Ian is at National Planetarium with Papa & Mama. it was a long walk up the stairs from the parking lot. now we are waiting to watch a short clip titled Passport To The Universe. Papa is blogging from the inside of The Theathrette. Ian wants to take picture with statute of Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar..

Ian at Sekinchan Ikan Bakar

This was the night before ian went under the knife for his hernia at Gleneagles Hoapital.. seemed very happy as usual, oblivious to the fact that tomorrow he would be under anasthethist for his operation. Mama mengidam ikan bakar so we went there to eat pari & kerang bakar..Ian had his operation on Tuesday, 20/12/11.

Ian with the Chipmunks

Ian had a pleasant meeting with the Chipmunks today at TGV Wangsa Walk.. We were outside at the hall, while waiting to get in for the 11.50pm show.. Ian was getting restless as we had to wait close to 2 hours and all he wanted to do was to go to the arcade centre and play racing car games.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Visit To USL Education Resources Centre (Montessori)

Papa has been so kiasu in educating me. He has equipped himself with knowlegde on Montessori Education. I guess i will be spending time playing Montessori stuff after this.. I guess all the limited time we spend together is better off spent by doing something in a meaningful way..and can actually lead to something other than fun. We went to USL Education Resources centre at USJ Summit, Subang for montessori materials that i can play with.. We spent almost an hour there. I also got to play some interesting tactile stimulating games which was supposed to build focus and fine motor skills.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ian at Permata Negara Convention 2011

We've got nothing to do and Tok Mi said we needed some fresh air outside, so Papa decided to take Ian to KLCC Convention Centre.. had some educational trip where ian learnt a lot, played some trains and legos.. Also not forgetting a trip to Toys r Us for "Change Colour Car".. it would be good if Papa could send Ian to one of these Pusat Anak Negara stuff..Mama will be back next week, so we will be spending our weekend differently next week.. yeayyy..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Papa.. I am too sleepy..

This is me when I am too tired.. kesian papa.. This was when I was alone with Papa. Mama at skool studying. Mama's skool is University of Manchester... I was extremely exhausted from running around the house.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angry Bird...

Papa just bought angry bird to keep Ian happy yesterday in the absence of Mama.. Angry bird is a character that Ian likes other than Mater, Lightning McQueen, Thomas, Mickey Mouse and Elmo. Ian jumped and grab the Angry Bird's box as soon as he saw it.. and started playing with the birds.. but intead of using the usual thrower to knock of the pigs, he just used his hands.. huhu.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ian Merajuk Station

This is where Ian runs to and drop himself whenever he is "merajuk". He will lie down there until Papa comes around to "pujuk". Sometimes he will just fall asleep. He will sometimes pretend that he's sleeping so that Papa will rub his back and "pujuk".. This time around Ian was unhappy that Papa didn't stay long at Uncle Long's and he wanted to continue to play with Uncle Long and Abang Amir. But it was already late (around 11pm) and people already tired.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life without Mama..

We just got back from UK on 1st October 2011. Our flight from Manchester was at around 3.30 pm and flight from Heathrow was at around 10.00 pm. It was such a long wait and travelling time and thank God papa was still breathing after going through the day with Ian and his antics. Mama cried before she left for her class that morning. We all miss you Mama.. Papa hopes that Mama won't disappoint us with her studies and came back with a distinction.

Now in Malaysia, I guess we are coping fine. Despite some occassional times where Ian "sondol" tetek Tok Mi for milk when he sleeps with her and him waking up at night asking for Mama and says "I want milk". Other than that Ian seems pretty happy and in contrast to Papa's earlier worries, Ian keeps on eating to the extent of adding a few more Kgs to his weight. But one thing... Ian's jetleg is very hard to dismiss.
At Mancheter Airport, Terminal.. It was a long wait of about 3 hours before we boarded the flight.. We at maccaroni cheese for lunch.. but Ian spilled some orange juice on his pants as he mistakenly took a stirrer for a straw as he tried to drink from the bottle..
Waiting for the shuttle bus to Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport, while holding his favourite M&S biscuits that we just bought.

In the MAS flight, watching Cars The Movie

Looking very tired.. sleeping at the final leg of the flight

Just bought pop corn

Looking at Papa..still very happy..

Still happy.. still oblivious to the fact that Mama is not gonna be around for at least 3 months.. No more susu..
Happy to be reunited with his cars at home.. Played them immediately after he reached home.

With Uncle Long the next day.. duduk atas lori but Ian calls it "a truck"

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ian Can Really Read!!!

Ian surprised me again last week.. He can really READ.. nope ..not because I teach him the word.. He can actually read any word given to him. regardless of whether he has or hasn't seen it previously. Words like "about", "them", "when" are words that come naturally to him. I guess the phonics system that he's been learning at InsightKids must have done wonders to his reading skill. Alhamdulillah.. now  it's about feeding him with more books...yeay.. and enhancing his logic thinking skills on the side.. luv u boy..


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ian Throwing Tantrums

Mama has been away for 4 days for her BTN at some backwater place called Kem Ulu Sepri... so Ian has been with Papa and tok Mi.. Ian was looking for Mama and wanted to go ouf.. at night.. on a stroller.. it was quite a scene as Ian just couldnt stop crying and wanted to have his way.. it's like some ghost has taken control of his body..Tok Mi put some kapur on his forehead and behind his ears.. still shouting and crying didnt stop.. Papa has to restrain Ian and carry him.. pook pook until Ian fell asleep abt 10 mins's only 9.40pm.. but papa is already tired.. papa had a fever last nite.. swallow all sorts of vitamins yesterday so that it will not drag on so that papa can take care of Ian..B complex, Omega, Vitamin C, Honey.. u name it..

We went out four times today.. to the front shop.. ian was mot getting any toys today just some biscuits.. we also bought Bina..

i guess the difficulty and the trouble of taking care of your own kids reminds you on how difficult it was for Tok Mi in taking care of Papa.. and Ian... Papa xharap sgt apa from you.. i just want to see u happy when you grow up.. love u.. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop