Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ian Suka Makan....

This little guy just eats anything.. Makanan kegemaran keropok sira pedas, satay, KFC mashed potatoes, bubur nasi, McDonald Original Fried Chicken and Kurma.

Masa Makan
Masa tengah sakit kat Gleneagles Intan, Jalan Ampang..Down with Pneumonia..
Masa kena sakit mata at Dr Wong's clinic..oohh..mama why you gave this to me???

Baby Ian Rafique..Papa Loves You So Much!

The last three days have been hectic attending to the tantrums and moodiness of baby Ian. Nevertheless, it's the happiest three days for Papa despite many problems on his mind at the moment. We did our routine walk around the condo's compound every morning and he seemed very happy when we did it. With hands clapping and moving up and down. Somehow Ian had the habit of dirtying his pampers every morning and Papa ended up washing his poo poo. 

He was crying like mad as soon Papa put him in his baby car seat as Papa drop off Mama at USIM. I had to stop the car and park it by the road side to calm him down. I released the clasps on the chair and he quickly grabbed me, calling Papa, tears.. I brought him out and we went to PETRONAS Petrol Station nearby.
Feeling Sleepy on The Way From USIM to Home, After Playing With Doraemon Berkipas That I got For Him from PETRONAS Petrol Station For A While..

I put him on the bed straight away when we got home...

We went to the pool this morning and as expected when it comes to water, he would never got enough of it. Tears followed as soon as I picked him up from the pool..ohh boy..then ajak mandi..he was happy again..

At Tesco Ampang, after picking up Mama at USIM, Pandan Indah..