Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Good Job Ian!

Papa has been wanting Ian to have superb confidence in front of other people. This is key soft skills to have and hope it will help him later in his life. For this purpose, Papa has registered Ian with Johan Kids Speaking Academy. It was a 10-week session with a finale at Evolve Concept Mall in Subang Jaya. It was a bummer that Papa couldn't watch Ian in action at the finale due to him attending a Board Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. Ian practiced really hard as there are prizes for top 5 best orators.

Public speaking is not really Ian's cup of tea, but he certainly had that confidence. One of the things that he did for 800 roblox points.

Ian is practicing at home

Ian practicing in class

Ian presenting as Brand Ambassador at Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park ..

The finale - City Mouse and the Town Mouse

Monday, October 24, 2016

Eating Watermelon Alone!

Mama did not cook any dinner and she didn't even bother to cook anything for Papa yesterday, but Papa felt hungry, so Papa ended up eating the big water melon that he bought at Hero Supermarket alone. I guess she leveraged on the loophole that it is NOT an obligation for a wife to cook for the husband. I guess Papa needs to be bigger than that. But the right remains with Papa to ask her to cook as it falls under the definition of "mentaati suami". But Papa just can't be bothered. He just wanted to be alone and focus on his work (Bumblebee).

The thing is Papa feel alone and has always felt alone. A man who no longer expects anything from his wife, even anything on his birthdays.

Something happened yesterday. Papa tried to remind Mama on how to be smart on time management so that you wouldn't waste time going to the supermarket twice or weekly just to buy things that you have overlooked to buy the week before. You should plan yourself better so that you can make use of your limited 24hour time better. She didn't accept it. She tried to play on other issues. She prefers to remain unenlightened and kept her current ways. She is as stubborn as they come.

Papa already "pasrah".. Let her hanyut in her own way.. There is nothing Papa can do anymore to help or it will backfire on Papa.

My watermelon

This boy is just like Papa.. trying to eat the whole watermelon without fully cutting it.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Alone in Sudan..

It was a big task ahead of Papa as soon as he landed in Khartoum, Sudan last Tuesday. Nevertheless he felt confident that he would be able to get through whatever is going to come his way. It was also a new experience for him getting an M&A project to Completion. Being acutely aware of this, he took all precautions necessary to make sure things would go smoothly. He and his team arrived two days early to make sure things are ok particularly on the documentations. It was the most stressful next few days and he felt alone. Even Mama was not there for Papa. To cut story short, the transaction was concluded successfully.

He made friends and felt closer to his business counterparts. Now that everything is almost over, he already thinking about leaving for home. He just can't wait to see me and Jarip at home because we know that he loves us so much.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Papa at Nike We Run KL 2015

This was Papa's first Half Marathon and as can be expected he's feeling a bit nervous. He only started running in September last year (2014) and the farthest he even ran was only 14.7km. Although he's confident with him finishing, he just wanted to make sure that he finishes strong. The event started early at around 5.30 am flag off at Petaling Street. Azura, an ex-MC of Disney Club Malaysia did her Emceeing routine and enough to lift up the runners' spirit before the run. The race was subdivided into 4 categories; elite, sub-2, sub-3 and lastly free and easy category where people joined the event just to have fun. Papa managed to squeeze himself into the sub-3 category and was at the very front row. So much for kiasu-ness. But of course he was confident to finish within 3 hours although he never attempted the race before. His strategy was tempo run all the way (aerobic system level) until 18-19km at moderate heart rate before sprinting at maximum level for the last 2 km.



Papa was still struggling with his shin splint on his right tebial muscle, but giving up is never an option for him..

Alhamdulillah, he managed to finish his NIKE WE RUN KL 2015 HALF MARATHON within 2hours and 27mins. That was about 22.4km recorded on his Polar watch. Papa recorded 2hours and 21 mins for his 21km.


There's a lot more to improve still and hopefully he can achieve sub-2 time at Standard Chartered Marathon KL 2015 in October this year.




Next stop is RHB Run - 8/2/2015. Wish him luck :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Papa and his new hobby

Papa picked up running to lose weight. Back when he first started, he had high blood pressure and high cholestrol level. Doctor had put him on medication for these. But Papa loves his family so much and want to love long.. So he started running. He lost more than 10kg over a period of 3 months and there blood pressure problem is no longer there.

But he just couldn't stop running. He is so committed to it and took part in running events when he's got the oppprtunity. He also has been training consistently and aimed to be amongst the top 20 finisher in a race one day. So far his best achievement was top 50 finish at NM Galaxy Run last year.

     At Skechers Running Academy

  At the recent MPIB run in January 11th.

Jumping for joy after the race
Jarip first day of school

Friday, December 26, 2014

Mama's Grad and Holiday in Paris

Ian and Zhariff had a wonderful time in London, Manchester and Paris. The weather was extra cold at around 3-4 degree celcius. Zhariff just never stopped asking for susu along the trip and we had to make sure we have enough hot water and milk powder to make the milk for him. We took the opportunity to go to Paris while attending Mama's graduation. Mama is already back for good in Malaysia and the boys are really happy..

KLIA - Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Fooling around while waiting for Mama to finish solat.

Looking very happy and calm ..

On the way to our stopover at Dubai

Malaysia Hall Canteen London - Nasi Lemak (Queensborough Terrace)
Eating at Malaysia Hall canteen at Queensborough Terrace

Malaysia Hall Canteen London - Nasi Lemak (Queensborough Terrace)
Quite a small size but comfortable

Malaysia Hall Canteen London - Nasi Lemak (Queensborough Terrace)
Malaysia Hall's canteen nasi lemat at GBP3 per plate.. quite cheap.. Tasted great..

At Papa's Alma Mater, London School of Economics.. Sempat membeli belah for a few shirts and a mug :)

In front of the world famous Penguin of Madagascar.. Ian also had similar picture..

LSE Academic Building - Houghton Street

Checking out Papa's feet type at Sports Direct, LilyWhite, London..
We surveryed for some sporting goods for Papa.. Papa has caught the running bug and had been looking for his running gear..

On the way to Manchester after 2 days in London.. Still had jetlag.

Zhariff met his idol in real life for the first time..

Sports Direct Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre

Sports Direct in Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre

University of Manchester Graduation Ceremony 2014

Right After Mama's Convocation Ceremony

University of Manchester Graduation Ceremony 2014

University of Manchester Graduation Ceremony 2014

University of Manchester Graduation Ceremony 2014

St. Pancreas International/King's Cross Station
St. Pancras International/King's Cross Station.. Papa had to rush to send our green bag to Left Luggage in the wee hours of the morning..

On the way to Gard Du Nord train station, Paris on Eurostar


Took a break for lunch at McDonald's Champs de Elysees

At Champs de Elysees